At CanaryTrack, we work closely with a wide variety of industry-leading manufacturers to provide you with customised technology products and systems that are tailored specifically to your needs. Some of the products and systems we offer include:


  • Fishing aid systems: We offer specialised equipment and systems for the fishing industry, including school location systems such as scanning sonar, species detection and carving sonars and fishing probes, among others. Also communication equipment for the coordination of fishing operations.

  • Navigation aid systems: We provide advanced solutions that improve safety and efficiency in navigation, such as global positioning systems (GPS), radar, automatic identification systems (AIS) and marine cartography systems.

  • Radio communication equipment: We provide a wide range of radio transmission equipment to ensure reliable and secure communication in any environment and satellite systems, such as VSAT, Fleetbroadband, Iridium or Starlink.

  • Vessel steering systems: We supply steering and control systems for vessels, including rudder control systems, electric propulsion systems and stabilisation systems to improve manoeuvrability and stability at sea.

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  • SVDR / VDR equipment: We offer support for voyage data recorders (SVDR and VDR) that comply with maritime safety standards, enabling the recording and analysis of critical information for further investigation and analysis.

  • Tracking instruments: We provide fleet tracking and tracing solutions that allow you to monitor the position and status of your vessels in real time, facilitating efficient management of operations and asset security.

  • Catch monitoring systems: Sonar and network sensors. We offer elements that enable visualisation and analysis of fishing gear data, helping to optimise operations and comply with fisheries management requirements.

  • In addition, we are approved by the following class societies to conduct GMDSS Radio surveys and VDR APTs:

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